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Cavities and infections of the teeth or gums are not inevitable By Candid Vs Invisalign.

Cavities and infections of the teeth or gums are not inevitable. Nowadays, techniques, materials and dental surgeries ensure a great stability of the treatments and a better support candid vs invisalign.

The most recent research shows a close link between poor oral health and other ailments such as diabetes, joint pathologies, respiratory and cardiac pathologies or even certain degenerative diseases! We invite you to browse our health blog to learn more about the different correlations that exist between these disorders. Starting from this premise, doctor of dental surgery Guy Ananou strives to treat you while taking into account your general state of health, candid vs invisalign in order to find the best solutions to heal you.  what goes on in your mouth can have a big impact on other organs. Conversely, general pathologies can manifest themselves in your mouth. This is why it is essential to have a holistic approach to effectively treat your disorders, whatever they are. Combined with this, the mixture of metals in the mouth and devitalized teeth - which can develop cysts - are the cause of "fatigue", joint pain or small ailments sometimes unexplained. Then a question arises to which your dentist will answer: What are the oral pathologies suspected of supporting all these diseases? Essentially, these pathologies can be either initial or occur after dental treatment: The dental caries develop at any age. This infectious disease attacks the enamel before spreading, causing sometimes irreversible damage and multiple complications. Periodontitis affects the tissues around the tooth. Left untreated, this bacterial condition can attack the bone and cause loosening of the teeth. The bruxism corresponds to premature wear of the teeth most often linked to anxiety and leads to many adverse health effects. Formed during adolescence, wisdom teeth sometimes cause complications that require urgent intervention by the dentist: malposition, infection, decay… but also various pathologies such as sinusitis. The evolution of wisdom teeth requires care that can go as far as extraction. Once devitalized , teeth sometimes produce toxins that are harmful to the body. These infections can then affect other organs in the body. The joint and occlusal pathologies can for their cause muscle tension and other associated disorders: bruxism, pain and spasms. Composed of mercury, dental amalgams (or fillings) candid vs invisalign are now banned from dental offices. Equally effective and less toxic alternatives exist and will be offered to treat cavities.

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